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Custom Crew Socks

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Build your own custom pair of socks. You may use one image for both the front and back, or two different images for each pair of socks, and no more than 4 total images per pair (we recommend using portrait style images as they fit best on the socks).

Step 1: Click on either the front or back of the sock and upload your image to the left sock.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 on the right sock.

Step 3: Choose your size and quantity (please refer to our size chart here if you are unsure what size to order).

Step 4: Please provide an active email when placing your order so that we may send you a confirmation of what your socks will look like.

*Disclaimer: We will only make you a pair of custom socks using images that you own. No custom socks will be made with any trademarked or copyrighted photos. No images using vulgar language or depicting violence of any form will be made. We reserve the right to refuse to make any pair of custom socks we deem unworthy or in violation of these rules. If we find you have violated these rules we will cancel your order.

Please allow up to two weeks to complete your order before it ships.


Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page here.